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Tempat Sendok Garpu Motif Bunga S15 Samurai Suction Hook

Kode: D002 Stok: Tersedia 11 pcs
Berat 800 gram
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Kategori Dining Room, S15 Samurai Multi-Fuction Holder
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Tempat Sendok Garpu Motif Bunga S15 Samurai Suction Hook

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Tempat Sendok Garpu Motif Bunga S15 Samurai Suction Hook
Rp 435.000
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Detail Produk Tempat Sendok Garpu Motif Bunga S15 Samurai Suction Hook

Strong suction power, can be attached on ground glass. it provides many practical functions such as hanging items, for example: key chains, bags…etc. No drilling, no nails, freely storage in many spaces and areas, increased the effective utilization space for our home

Size: 63mm ABS Plastic Suction Cup
Capacity: 2 Kgs
Size: 10 x 7 x 26 (H) cm
For nonporous surfaces only. See the suitable surfaces on website
Attached surface’s size must be bigger than suction rubber pad.
Does not work on breathable materials such as marble, granite, plywood, concrete, wall with water paint wall, wall paper.

Made in Taiwan

Holding up to 2 kgs, Feca’s Signature Multi-Purpose hook can be moved from place to place using the easy push and lock technology to hang the hook.

Using a powerful suction cup and having an adjustable angle feature gives you more room to hang a purse, large bag or anything else you need extra storage space for. Our signature hooks come in a selection of metallic colors.

No drilling, no nails and instant installation. Waterproof and rust resistance. Removable and adjustable anytime, anywhere.

FECA patented signature industrial strength suction cup with adjustable angle swivel hook to accommodate different object depth
Important: suction cup will only mount on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, polish stainless steel/metal, plastic board, finish marble, Polished tiles, etc. for tight vacuum seal

Damage free: no nail, no drilling installation. Adjustable: easily removable reusable If needed in future to different position

Built to hold: push and lock industrial suction to hold up to 13 pound
Waterproof/rustproof: Type 304 premium stainless steel tube & hook with zinc suction cup

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Ditambahkan pada: 3 June 2020
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